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A Women Loved, Honored and Mothered by Many

Pastor Elder Jessie Mae Lester

If it wasn't for this beautiful woman right here, I would not be the good person that I am today. Jessie Mae Lester, I am proud to say you did a "TREMENDOUS JOB" raising me. Happy Birthday!!! R.I.P :)

Son - Kadarrell McBride

25years ago at 1993 West Edgewood Ave, Jax Fl 32208 All People Church of God In Christ I met a women by the name of Evangelist Jessie Mae Lester. She was sitting on the second row in the middle right row with the Missionary Board. She ushered for me to come sit by her. As a result from that day until her passing God called me to sit, walk, run, pray, fast, minister with her. She along with Elder Essie Mae Jones became my mothers, mentors, eyes and ears into the spirit and in the natural. If it hadn't been for her tought love and she and her children extending there hands towards me and my 2 children at the time 5 & 6yrs old, I wouldn't be the women that I am. Not a day goes by that I don't think of somethong she's said, yelled or just prayer over me. Thank you mama for all that you've done while here on earth and even more for the things that you are doing in the spirit realm. As a result LifesReDesign Ministry is evolving as I follow God's lead. Thank you for loving me as one of your daughters. I loved you and will always love you

God daughter - Minister Nathalie Chase

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