Ex-Offenders Re-entry ~ Operation Faith Transition

Transportation & Re-Development Program

Providing the Community with a Transitional Transportation Re-Development & Empowered Program

for Inmates Ex-offenders Re-entry Veterans, Men, Women, Youth and Their Families

LifesReDesign for those that may have lost hope.


We currently minister in 10 of Northeast Florida Prisons for both Men & Women a year. There are going to be 60,000 inmates released. At least 50% have no home to return to; and those that can due to the lifestyle once lived desire not to return. For so many returning result in a revolving door back into prison.

  It is a strong belief of ours that “It takes a village to raise a Family”, & “What doesn’t break you will make YOU”, welcome to Our Village!


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Program Description:The key subjects to be addressed in this program will consist of low income families, youth and drug offenders, and restored citizens. This market is suffering the most, especially our youth nd veterans. Research has shown that 46% of offenders commit a new offense and 60% commit a probation violation, according to NADCP.  Research has also shown that with the parent or family member being absent from the home, on top of no communication or very little between the two, it results in a troubled youth and/or repeat offenders or troubled offenders while incarcerated. When an offender receives a jail sentence, that offenders family is receiving the sentence as well, especially their children. Our youth should not suffer because of a mistake that their mother, father or other family member have made. Instead we want to help them get adjusted to the change in a positive light. Operation Faith Transition

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Transportation &b Re-Development, Inc. will work diligently with community agencies, schools, behavioral health & rehabilitation Centers throughout Jacksonville to Homestead & surrounding areas to ensure that the connections are kept and successfully transitioning the offender back into the community and family. Our three key programs are our transportation, transitional housing and education & mentoring programs.


Mission Statement:          

Our mission is to keep families & incarcerated individuals connected while incarcerated & upon release through providing unique & authentic housing, transportation services, education & programs that will empower & embrace a strong family connection & opportunities.  We believe through solid resources & developmental process of a structured re-entry program will reduce recidivism within our Communities. We strive to keep our youth, families, & offenders focused on a new direction in life through F.A.I.T.H (Freewill, Accountability, Integrity, Truthful, Honorable). ~ Matthew 25:31-46... for when I was hungry, I was thirsty, I was a stranger, Naked, I was sick, I was in prison, and you came to me....Then shall HE answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brothern, ye have done it unto me.


  • Transportation to both Parole and Probation Officers
  • Transportation to Job Interviews, Medical, Employment and Compound Family visitation
  • On site Life Coaches,  Ministry Services(Multiple Faiths) and Counseling
  • On site High School, Live and Online College Programs
  • Multi-purpose Center ( Rec Room, Library, Basketball Goals, Computer Lab, )
  • Family Visitation Areas (Picnic and closed areas) Assistance to families i.e., clothing, supplies,  food
  • Job and Career Training, Cooking, Landscaping, Auto Paint and Repair etc…
  • Business (Money Management) etc………..
  • Community Service hours 120 yearly required
  • Live-in Mentors
  • Much Much more
  • Housing and proposed home ownership upon completion of program for those who qualify


In addition to providing housing, our in house and mobile Pantry will serve the community but also various low income apartment complexes. This pantry will consist of not just food but clothing, school supplies, household items as well. As a result of this 1st location being launched our goal is to network with other ministries and organizations locally and Nationwide to duplicate, this same and greater facilities. As a result crime rate reduces, jobs are created, families are reunited and the community grows.