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Thank you for your Donations Helping Hands Spreading Around the World

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Luke 6:38 (New Living Translation)
38 Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full—pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back

Project Locations

Our Helping Hands Missions Support assisting in providing transitional housing, vocational training, higher education opportunities, job placement assistance and Life Coach Mentoring for teens, young adults, single parents and those in need. We also assist in manmade and natural disasters, economic crisis, and spiritual growth. Extending around the globe, sending aide into areas which are in need. We are here to assist with feeding those in need. Sending Bibles, Clothes etc... Not just on an International level but right here at home. There are so many children, elderly and homeless people within these our United States. LifesReDeSign wants to make a difference. And we can with your help. You can choose to do a (1) one-time donation or a re-occurring donation for as long as you, your group or organization decides. And what makes it even better you can decide which project you want to support.


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United States - International


With our Helping Hands Supporting Relief Program, we've had the ability to serve many. Our primary goal is to provide housing for those young adults aging out of Foster Care, Single Parents, Homeless, Abused/Battered Women. To provide a well rounded program from 12mth to 24mths minimum, to include: Life skills, homemaking, job readiness, education, finanical prepairedness...

Now these are the missions we are working on in addition:

  • We provide care packages for men and women all natural produces, i.e.. tooth paste, laundry products, soaps, deodorant, lotions, shampoo etc..
  • Reach out to the families of those veterans, men, women and youth incarcerated to give assistance where needed ie.. clothing, food, housing, transportation.
  • With a 30 day supply of Nutritional Meal Supplement Shake. For every pouch of shake donated at $24.00 it will be matched with a pouch giving a 60 day meal supply.
  •  ***In addition each distributor has submitted a written commitment to donate 20% minimum back into the project for the purchase of items such as bottle water, soap, blankets etc...***
  • The purchase of 100lb bag of rice for Haiti where they can't receive the Nutritional Meal Supplement Shake.
  • ***Ongoing project to provide tractor trailer for both US and International Mission. Clothing, school supplies, water, blankets etc.. We would like to do this 2 to 3 times a year.***
  • Assisting with fire, flood and water damage victims that may not have funds in place to repair or possibly relocate if needed. As well in some cases have no lodging during the time of the repairs.
  • Donations of cars that are to be given to single parents without transportation, stipulation requirements involved. This is to ensure it is not abused. (Maintain Dl & Ins. Will not be able to sale vehicle for 1yr upon receipt. Lien will be placed for that year and they will have to have title released.)**exceptions due to damage,etc**
  • Holiday dinners to be served and gifts given all done through the donations & gifts received. Mini Praise and Worship Service, Mini Messages etc.. during event.
  • Teaching the WORD of God, through practical means where a child would be able to not only grasp but apply his/her life.
  • Bibles, MP3, Bible CD's, Christian Learning aides.



United States & International

Kenya   Nigeria    Haiti     Ghana      Native American

Jamaica & Canada

"Your Charity"

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LifesReDesign Ministry has partnered with several Independent Distributors of Visalus to help with the feeding of the hungry children, currently US, Canada & Jamaica. We look forward to partnering with you or your organization to assist 1 child at a time. For more information  click here

For the Feed the Hungry Helping Hands Details click here

We are honored that you have chosen to donate to the works of this ministry. Know that your support is reaching people around the world in desperate need of help. We are in agreement that you will experience the same grace God has placed on this ministry in your personal life. Together, we are going to make a difference in the lives of so many!

You may indicate where you would like your donations to be applied to:

Tithes, Offering, International Mission, US Mission


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“Thank you for your contribution to LifesReDesign Ministry made in the name of Helping Hands Support Relief Fund program.

No goods or services were provided in exchange for your contribution.”

Once your transaction has been completed, a receipt for your donation will be emailed to you.

***Because we understand that it’s a big decision to donate your money to us, we are committed to be transparent about our financial decisions. For those that make donations to LRD can request for reports as to the distribution and progress within our Ministry.***