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Building Unity

We have been blessed to have made great friends through the years.  We have people from all types of backgrounds coming together to take on global challenges.  Unity is what our world needs for beneficial change and LifesReDesign Ministry understands that.

With each Charitable Project you are able to have live up-to-date trackable progress reports. Filled with live footage, written reports and tax deductable receipts. For more information click here

Developing Strength

LifesReDesign Ministry searching The Word of God and applying it from health to wealth. Work toward a brighter tomorrow with the Life Coaching, Counseling services. Also offering Certificate, Diploma and 4yr Degree Programs through Habakkuk 2 School of Ministry ~ Satellite of Isaiah University. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, with our team throughout USA and other countries. We are dedicated to helping you improve your quality of life. To take the first step down your journey to wellness and self-improvement, contact us today to consult with one of our friendly staff   READ MORE

Make a Difference

LifesReDesign: Veterans Ex-Offenders Re-entry Operation Faith & Helping Hands, has developed a strong belief in making a difference in many cities. Everything from assisting with aiding ex-offenders re-entry, building houses to feeding those in shelters and on the streets. We're currently working on projects in Hatti, Ghana and here in the Unite States that have been affected by Natural Disasters.

Int'l, we desire to send 1-2 Tractor Trailors filled with meals that will feed 30 people for a month. Buy purchasing 1 container package you've made a difference in 30 peoples lives. For more information click here